Wink&Go: access
in a wink!

An innovative access solution that uses biometric recognition
technology for secure and immediate access. 
Say goodbye to keys and codes

Unlocking Efficiency and Security

Explore how Wink&Go simplifies access control, strengthens security, and redefines workplace efficiency.

Efficiency Unleashed

Revolutionize access control with Wink&Go: the solution for identification. Simply wink and gain instant authorization, saving time and resources for more strategic tasks.

Enhanced Security

Safeguard your business with Wink&Go: utilizing cutting-edge technology and CIE data, it's your fortress against unauthorized access.
Protect your company perimeter and sensitive data!

Time and Cost Efficiency

The key to cost-efficient operations: experience seamless employee access, boosting productivity and savings. Time saved, costs reduced – it's the perfect formula for success.

Versatility Across Industries

Its versatility knows no bounds, from office entry to meeting rooms, schools to train stations. Seamlessly integrate and customize Wink&Go to fit your unique needs!

Let's transform your access together !

Dive into the future with Cyberneid's Wink&Go tech – a game-changer in identity verification and access control. Redefining efficiency and security, it's the streamlined solution businesses crave. With unmatched ease, enhanced security, and business optimization, Wink&Go leads the charge.

Elevate your access control with Wink&Go – where simplicity meets security for a brighter tomorrow!




Create your digital identity: Wink&Go uses a sophisticated visual recognition algorithm to identify the user's identity and ensure security.


Once you have created your identity, you will be free to use the technology as many times as you want: just wink at the device.


The device will take a couple of seconds to recognize and evaluate your identity, after which you will be free to log in!

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