Wink&Go: access
in a wink!

An innovative access solution that uses biometric recognition technology for
secure and immediate access. An intuitive user experience that eliminates the
need to use physical devices or type codes to gain access
at work or on the subway.

Unlocking Efficiency and Security

Explore how Wink&Go simplifies access control, strengthens security, and redefines workplace efficiency.

Efficiency Unleashed

Upgrade your access control with Wink&Go: a streamlined solution that simplifies identification. Employees can effortlessly gain instant authorization by positioning themselves and winking, eliminating manual checks and saving valuable time and resources for strategic tasks. 

Enhanced Security

Wink&Go prioritizes safety with biometric recognition technology and leverages CIE information to provide a robust solution for securing company perimeters and sensitive data. Ensure high-level protection fortifies access control against unauthorized attempts, a crucial safeguard for your business.

Time and Cost Efficiency

Wink&Go contributes to cost efficiency. By automating identity verification, businesses can redirect resources to value-added activities. Enjoy swift employee access, minimizing delays, and optimizing overall productivity while maintaining a secure environment – a perfect combination for saving time and costs.

Versatility Across Industries

Wink&Go adapts to diverse environments, extending beyond workplace access: securing meeting rooms, managing attendance in educational institutions, train station, etc. This versatile technology suits various contexts. Benefit from easy integration and flexibility to customize Wink&Go to your specific needs.

Let's transform your access together !

Step boldly into the future with Cyberneid's Wink&Go technology – a transformative force in identity verification and access control. This innovative solution redefines efficiency and security standards, offering businesses a streamlined approach to digital processes. Wink&Go stands at the forefront, delivering unparalleled ease of use, enhanced security, and a new era of business optimization. Elevate your access control standards with Wink&Go – where simplicity meets security for a brighter, more efficient future.




Create your digital identity: Wink&Go uses a sophisticated visual recognition algorithm to uniquely identify the user's identity and ensure security. Users must register their eye in the initial onboarding phase.


Once you have created your identity, you will be free to use the technology as many times as you want: just wink at the device.


The device will take a couple of seconds to recognize and evaluate your identity, after which you will be free to log in!

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